Mourning motto

I wish to say to myself

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

“ you are more the just a fill-in. you are the product of love… healing, and hope’s stubbornness. yes, you are failing and falling… but isn't it better than being dragged along by life? wake up today and live, for the little girl in you that still has dreams to fulfill.

for the doubtful woman in you who has experienced firsthand peter pan and still doesn't believe. You have achieved far more than just mere attempts and tears in wastebaskets, you have won battles daily, while whole lifetimes of pain have been chained to your wrist… yet the way you move is effortless.

you may not be the sun in her shining, but you are in her awakening. so before you leave for today, name one person who doesn't love the break of dawn more than the heat of the day.”



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